Conference 2021: Speakers

Jessica Hernandez

Jessica Hernandez currently serves as the Coordinator of Hispanic Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Des Moines. She also has served as a consultant and advisor to various sub-committees and groups at the national level on how to form strong integrated communities of faith among youth and young adults of different cultures, as well as showcasing our universal faith in the context of different faith practices and traditions. She is currently finishing M.A. in Theology and Pastoral Ministry at Boston College.

Vessels of Grace: In this session, Jessica helps us unfold the gift that is given to us without any merit of our own, and how following the example of our Blessed Mother, we can also become vessels of grace in our everyday lives, and invite others to receive this gift as well.

Communicating Across Cultures: In this interactive session, we learn how to develop ways of communicating efficiently with the people we serve through our ministries and jobs, while taking into consideration the different subcultures that exist in our world today (subcultures refers to groups of different categories that are influenced by age, ethnicity, geography, etc.).



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