Communicators for Women Religious

CWR provides professional networking and education to members who communicate and advance the mission and ministries of women religious.

A Message from the Development Committee

December 19, 2019

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By Jan Parrott
Chair, CWR Development Committee

The Development Committee is a relatively new committee for the CWR Board. I serve as Chair with current members Alice Black, Kim Westerman and Patsy O’Toole.  We are still evolving but our initial objectives are reviewing CWR’s Hilton grant application, identifying potential future funding sources to assure long term sustainability of CWR and providing an advisory function to the Conference Committee to suggest topics and presenters of interest to members with a development focus in their congregations.  We have also been reaching out to those we know who work in a development role to get feedback and input on how we might best serve the needs of these members.  We plan to work closely with the Conference Development Committee to help identify potential vendors and sponsorships for our annual conference.  We welcome additional members with an interest in these areas—meetings are currently scheduled as needed but to this point have been held approximately quarterly.

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