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CWR and A Nun’s Life launch Cycling with Sisters 2019

July 31, 2019

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CWR has joined with A Nun’s Life Ministry to launch Cycling with Sisters 2019. The collaboration focuses on a pair of initiatives: a technology training workshop for Catholic Sisters and a 100-mile cycling event.

About the Ride
Between September 11 and September 13, approximately 20 riders (roughly half of whom will be Sisters) will set off on a spiritual adventure from South Bend, Indiana, to Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Along the route, riders will stop at schools, parishes and motherhouses. At each stop, a prayer said for a specific intention (e.g., vocations, young people and teachers, social justice issues, etc.), riders will converse with spectators and participants will be available to the media.

CWR members gather during the CWS technology training workshop in Toledo, Ohio. L-R: Nick Schafer; Kelly Zlatic; Patricia Dowling, CBS; Angela Szczawinska, CSFN; Susan Kidd, CND; Maxine Kollasch, IHM.

The ride will cover approximately 30-35 miles per day. Riders will be joined by a communication team composed of Sisters who attended a video training workshop earlier this month  and who will use their newly acquired skills to share the stories of the ride online.

About the Workshop
Seventeen Sisters traveled to Toledo, Ohio, to learn the ins and outs of mobile video production and social media eventization from July 15-18. Workshop participants will come together again in September to provide both on-site and remote support for the cycling event.

Get Involved
Space is still available for those would like to join the ride and scholarship opportunities are available for Sisters who wish to take part. If cycling isn’t for you or you can’t make it to South Bend, you can still join the celebration virtually! Prayer stops will be broadcast and a variety of remote interviews, videos and more will be made available online. Further information on Cycling with Sisters will follow in the coming days.

A Nun’s Life and CWR
CWR and A Nun’s Life have partnered for Cycling with Sisters 2019 after previously joining together in 2017 for a successful mobile video training workshop (hosted by A Nun’s Life) and the inaugural Cycling with Sisters awareness ride leading up to 2017 CWR conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Cycling with Sisters is supported by a grant awarded to A Nun’s Life for the education of Catholic Sisters in the use of technology.

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