Think about it… YOU as a CWR Board member! Individual CWR members in good standing are eligible to serve on the CWR Board.

Our ears are perked! We’re listening…
Tell us about your unique strengths, skills and experience, like financial acumen, tech-spertise, strategic thinking, development, management, to mention a few.

It’s time to think about offering your services on the CWR Board of Directors. To learn more about board service, read the Q&A sheet.

Testimonials from Board Members

“After reaping the benefits of membership in this organization for many years and being blessed with so many valuable networking relationships and lifelong friendships, I knew I needed to give back. Board service is a way for me to do that and it has proven to be an invaluable experience. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity and I encourage other members to do the same.” — Stephanie Hall, Board member since 2014

“My membership in CWR offers something unique and inspiring. Being part of this community makes it easier to compare techniques, results, and goals that directly relate to the work I am doing. From this network of professionals, I learn from experts in all areas of communications, from writing to advertising to social networking and online tools. All of this starts from our shared experience of living the charism of a congregation within the context of our profession.” — Spalding Hurst, Board member since 2017

“Board service is a great way to get to know CWR members better and to help them in their efforts on behalf of religious life!” — Maxine Kollasch, IHM, Board member since 2018