"The CWR listserv can be a gold mine of information. You can ask questions of all of our members, and you can also read the questions and answers put forth by other members."

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There are many reasons to join CWR, but perhaps the most compelling is the opportunity you will have to network with experienced professionals who are generous in their willingness to share ideas and information.

“It has been such a support and such a pleasure to belong to CWR. I think it was quite by accident that I attended a CWR conference in the beginning of my first term as Leadership Council Member, but in my community, we call that ‘divine providence’ … Although communications was only a segment of my responsibilities, I was enriched by the exposure to real professionals and professionalism.”

Reasons to Join

CWR Top 10 List

Communicators for Women Religious is the premier organization for professional communicators for congregations of women religious. Here are a few of the reasons you should become a member…

  • Connection with Peers
  • Face-to-Face and Virtual Networking
  • Mix of Religious and Lay Membership
  • Annual Conference
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Resource-Full Web Site
  • Active List Service
  • Media Relations
  • Affiliations with Like Organizations
  • Leadership Opportunities Through Service