The CWR Board of Directors met via videoconference on October 26. Current Board members were joined by incoming 2024 members Margaret Haik, Carrie Higginbotham, and Angela Szczawinska, CSFN, who attended the meeting as guests. In the interest of keeping members informed, we present highlights from that meeting:

Board business began with a vote approving revisions to the CWR Board of Directors position description. The revisions clarify board duties and remove references to the position of executive director, which no longer exists.

Board members also debriefed in the wake of the CWR conference, which was held earlier in the month. It was noted that while there are areas for improvement for future conferences, feedback was largely positive, with the speaker lineup being particularly well received.

Treasurer Tammy Townsend Denny informed the Board that CWR’s annual financial audit is now in its final stages.

The Board approved the following slate of committee chairs for 2024:

  • 2024 Conference Planning Committee: Maureen Falcon
  • Education Committee: Amanda Hackett and Redmond Reilly
  • Finance Committee: Mark Piper
  • Marketing Committee: Margaret Haik and Stacy Spitler
  • Membership Committee: Carrie Higginbotham and Gina Sullivan
  • CWR Ireland Regional Group: Marie Stuart, RSM
  • Regional and Resource Groups Committee: Kim Westerman

Current Marketing Committee Co-chair Gina Sullivan reported that notification letters would be sent to 2023 CWR Communicator Award winners’ congregational leadership teams.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, the Board’s November meeting is being held a week early, on Thursday, November 16.


CWR 2023 Board of Directors

Kim Westerman, Chair

Dusty Krikau, Vice Chair

Tammy Townsend Denny, Treasurer

Alison Lucci, Corporate Secretary

Maureen Falcon

Amanda Hackett

Stacy Spitler

Marie Stuart, RSM

Gina Sullivan


CWR Staff

Brian Lavelle, Director of Membership and Communication