Season of Creation is held annually from September 1 to October 4 and is a great opportunity for communicators and justice promoters to work together toward mutual Laudato Si’ goals. This year, the theme is: “Let Justice and Peace Flow.” On August 9, Marie Dennis, Director of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative and Anna Johnson, the Laudato Si’ Movement Senior Programs Manager in North America, shared tips and best practices for successfully promoting the goals of nonviolence, integral ecology, and Laudato Si’ during and beyond the Season of Creation. This session was specifically targeted to North American audiences, but includes many ideas that are transferable to the wider world.

This session, like all CWR Academy webinars, was recorded and will be available on the CWR member website

Anna Johnson
North American Senior Programs Manager
Laudato Si’ Movement

Marie Dennis
Catholic Nonviolence Initiative

Dusty Krikau
Director of Mission Advancement
Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes