CWR Conference 2023: Free Evening

Thursday, October 12: Free Evening

Enjoy dinner and take advantage of all St. Louis has to offer at the close of the conference’s second day!

The Marriott St. Louis Grand is located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, convenient to an array of destinations including Ballpark Village, Gateway Arch National Park, and Citygarden Sculpture Park.

There are, of course, countless other attractions and events to seek out in St. Louis, whether on the evening of October 12 or another time, such as prior to conference if you arrive early or afterward, if you elect to extend your stay into the weekend:

St. Louis Attractions (includes distance from Marriott St. Louis Grand)

Nearby dinner choices are also plentiful, regardless of what you might be in the mood for: Tex-Mex; Thai; barbecue; Japanese; pizza; and much more!

These conveniently located spots are just a small sampling of the dining options on offer in St. Louis. A group of innovative and decorated chefs are reshaping the local culinary scene with creative dining experiences that are attracting attention from around the nation:

Dining Options – Explore St. Louis

Photos: Marriott St. Louis Grand