Communicators for Women Religious is excited to introduce a new member initiative: an invitation to congregational leaders and staff – those who serve as a voice for their congregations – to join CWR.

Leaders, justice coordinators, mission advancement professionals, sponsored ministry leaders, vocations teams, archivists and more communicate for and about congregations and are included in this invitation. It is our belief that CWR can help the many disciplines that communicate on behalf of congregations by educating, connecting, and forming the professionals who hold the mission in their hands.

NEW members can join CWR with this amazing opportunity:

  • New members can join for a radically low $100 annual membership fee.
  • The second-year renewal rate for these new members remains a low $150.

This initiative reflects CWR’s belief that we can do more together; we can advance the mission of women religious more effectively and dramatically when we are collaborating.

JOIN CWR [When accessing the membership form you will be prompted to sign in or, if you have not previously created a CWR login, to create one by providing an email address and password]

For the $100 fee new members get the CWR listserv, monthly webinars and Flash Conversations, “Discord” app for regional and resource groups (connecting all justice coordinators for example), member rates on conferences and more:



  • Email Listserv
  • Flash Conversations
  • Discord App
  • Regional & Resource Groups
  • Regional Meetings
  • Annual Conference
  • Active Committees
  • Online Member Directory


  • Monthly CWR Academy Webinars
  • Flash Conversations
  • Communications Handbook
  • Online Member Resource Center
  • Regional Meetings
  • Annual Conference


  • Catholic Sisters Week
  • Cycling with Sisters
  • Meet Our Sisters Tour
  • Active Staff Support
  • Established in 1994

All are welcome to join us and take advantage of these benefits! CWR looks forward to providing a home for those who carry the charism and advance the mission of women religious. Please feel free to reach out to CWR staff with any questions at or 773-891-3313.