Dear CWR Friends:

In the interest of keeping you informed, the CWR Board of Directors shares highlights of our monthly meetings.

The Communicators for Women Religious Board of Directors met in a videoconference on Tuesday, July 7, 2015. Sister Angela Szczawinska and Paula Schultz were excused. Here are the highlights of that meeting:

The meeting opened with a prayer shared by Sister Beth Kress.

June Board meeting minutes were approved.

Chair Eileen Dickerson informed the Board that she and Sister Beth Kress will be exhibiting for CWR at the LCWR Assembly in Houston in August.

Regarding Board recruitment, Eileen said that the search for new Board members to serve in 2016 is ongoing. Four new Board members will be needed to replace those CWR members who have completed their service.

Treasurer Sister Beth Kress reported that CWR remains solvent. The Finance Committee will meet on July 15 and will review the second quarter 2015 finance accounts and running balances on investments.

Hilton Grant Study Committee
The board continued to review and refine the Strategic Plan that they will present to the full membership for ratification during the conference in Albuquerque. Two representatives from American City Bureau, the consulting firm that conducted the review for CWR, are expected to be present at the conference in Albuquerque.

From Conference 2015 Chair Stephanie Hall: Please get your registrations in ASAP. We have 112 registrations to-date which is well beyond the typical number of registrations at this point. The Hyatt Regency Hotel is now full, so we have made arrangements for rooms at the Hilton Doubletree which is just two blocks away. If you have any question regarding hotel arrangements, contact Susan Oxley. Sixty CWR members have downloaded the 2015 Conference YAPP! If you haven’t yet, please do so as it will be used for exchanging valuable information for attendees and to keep those not in attendance connected with the conference.

We have received word that Sr. Blandina Segale, Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, will be making a “special appearance” at the conference! As you may know or recall, the cause for the sainthood of Sr. Blandina was opened last June – the first time in New Mexico’s Roman Catholic Church’s 400-year history that a decree opening the cause of beatification and canonization has been declared! We are inviting representatives from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and CHI St. Joseph’s Children (a ministry founded by Sr. Blandina) to join us for lunch on Wednesday during the conference to share with us about Sr. Blandina and the cause for her sainthood. Catholic Health Initiatives St. Joseph’s Children is the petitioner of the cause for sainthood and is also a generous sponsor of this year’s conference. See you in Albuquerque!

Conference 2016 Committee Chair Kathy Gatliff submitted two logo designs to the Board for review and feedback. Board members gave suggestions for a few changes before moving forward with the first design presented.

The Board gave approval to move forward in obtaining contracts for the offsite evening options at Indiana State Museum (dinner and a tour) and a tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (tour) to include a contract for transportation from a bus company.

The Board also approved the Conference Committee moving forward with contract negotiations with two presenters who are on board and available for the conference in Indianapolis: Sister Nancy Sylvester, IHM, and Sister Patricia Wittberg, SC.

Marketing Committee – Jennifer Kaminski, Co Chair reported:

  • Letters promoting membership and the 2015 Conference , along with CWR brochures, have been sent to 120 nonmember congregations.
  • CWR is now listed on the Canadian Religious Conference website.
  • Conference 2015 press releases will be sent out soon.

Development Committee Chair Kate Martin said that the committee continues to follow up with pledged and potential sponsors, exhibitors and advertisers for the 2015 Conference.
The next Board videoconference meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 4.

Please remember that the benefits you receive as a member of CWR are made possible by an ALL VOLUNTEER Board. CWR can thrive and grow as long as our members volunteer their gifts through Board service.

Enjoy your Summer!

CWR Board of Directors
Eileen Dickerson, Chair
Sister Angela Szczawinska, CSFN, Vice Chair
Sister Beth Kress, PBVM, Treasurer
Sister Paulette Gardner, SSA
Kathy Gatliff
Julie Gilberto-Brady
Stephanie Hall
Jennifer Kaminski
Stephanie Manseau
Kate Martin
Paula Staisiunas Schultz
Annemarie Sanders, IHM, LCWR Liaison
Carol Schuck Scheiber, NRVC Liaison