Dear CWR Friends,

In the interest of keeping you informed, the Communicators for Women Religious Board of Directors shares highlights of our monthly meetings. The Board met by videoconference on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 10:30 a.m. Central.

CWR Executive Director Nick Schafer opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes from the in-person board meeting Jan. 23–27 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, were approved as submitted.

Sister Angela Szczawinska, Board Chair, shared the report from the Executive Committee. The Board will task the Nominating Committee with a process and timeline for filling the current vacancy on the board. Also, there is currently a need for a chair of the Membership Committee since Sarah Jenkins will be retiring.

Vice Chair Kathy Gatliff presented information about the Conference Site Selection process. She will chair the Conference Site Selection Committee, which is working with Sherry Hoskins of ConferenceDirect on locations for the 2018 conference.

Sister Beth Kress, Treasurer, gave an overview of CWR financials for 2017 including bank accounts and investments. The board reviewed the budget for 2017 in its amended 12-month format and approved the changes. CWR has contracted with Nancy Gonsiorek, CPA, for a full audit for fiscal year 2016.

Executive Director Nick Schafer shared highlights from his written report. CWR is participating in a collaborative prayer service and reflection March 7 at the Catholic Theological Union for National Catholic Sisters Week. A draft of the grant report for 2016 was sent to the board for review; the report will be sent to Conrad N. Hilton Foundation by the end of this month. CWR is also looking at proposals for research on grant and donor prospects.

Stephanie Hall, co-chair of the 2017 Conference Committee, presented a logo design for approval by the board. The board also reviewed the conference schedule and presenters. Kathy Gatliff presented information about this year’s Conference Scholarship Award Program, which will be announced to CWR members very soon. Development efforts for the conference are underway—the sponsorship form and exhibitor contracts are being updated. Kate Martin welcomes any CWR member who is interested in 1) doing research to identify potential sponsors, exhibitors and Ministry Marketplace vendors, and/or 2) extending the invitations and following up the process of getting forms completed and payments made. Interested? Contact Kate at:

Next Board Videoconference: March 21, 2017, 10:30 a.m. CST.

CWR Board of Directors
Sister Angela Szczawinska, CSFN, Chair
Kathy Gatliff, Vice Chair
Sister Beth Kress, PBVM, Treasurer
Eileen Dickerson
Stephanie Hall
Spalding Hurst
Sarah Jenkins
Kate Martin
Jean Merry
Philippa Turney
Annmarie Sanders, IHM, LCWR Liaison
Carol Schuck Scheiber, NRVC Liaison

CWR Staff
Nick Schafer, Executive Director
Susan Oxley, Coordinator