Dear CWR Friends,

In the interest of keeping you informed, the Communicators for Women Religious Board of Directors shares highlights of our monthly meetings. The Board met by videoconference on Tuesday, June 27, at 10:30 a.m. Central.

Board Chair Sister Angela Szczawinska, CSFN, opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes from the May board meeting in Racine were approved.
Sister Angela and Kathy Gatliff, Vice Chair, shared the Executive Committee report.

  • The board continues to review the Voting Procedures document submitted in May
  • Review of board member feedback from the in-person meeting at Siena Center in Racine in May
  • Evaluation of Executive Director: Sister Angela will meet with Nick in Chicago.
  • 2019 Conference Site Selection: Colorado Springs and Phoenix are being considered for 2019. Committee members will do a site inspection prior to this year’s conference.

Executive Director Nick Schafer shared highlights from his written report. His recent trip to Rome included presentations and meetings with UISG, Multimedia International, and the Vatican communications office. Nick also shared his travel schedule for the coming months, including attending the LCWR Assembly, JS Paluch Vocations Seminar, and UISG delegates meeting in November in Manila, Philippines. CWR has also been invited to the 2019 UISG Assembly in Rome. At the LCWR Assembly, CWR will have an interactive, collaborative exhibit with five organizations, including the National Religious Vocation Conference, Religious Formation Conference, Giving Voice, Center for Consecrated Life, and National Catholic Sisters Project.

Nominating Committee Chair Eileen Dickerson presented her revised proposal for bylaws changes related to board service and membership levels. The board approved the changes, which will be sent to membership for an online vote prior to the conference.

Sister Beth Kress, PBVM, CWR treasurer, presented a proposal from the Finance Committee regarding CWR membership dues for 2018. Members will hear more on this during the business meeting at the CWR conference in Niagara Falls.

Stephanie Hall, co-chair of the 2017 Conference Committee, shared the latest updates in planning for this year’s conference. Registration is underway! Visit to register online and to reserve your hotel room.

Next Board Meeting: Videoconference Tuesday, Aug. 29 at 10:30 a.m.

CWR Board of Directors
Sister Angela Szczawinska, CSFN, Chair
Kathy Gatliff, Vice Chair
Sister Beth Kress, PBVM, Treasurer
Jennifer Brandlon
Eileen Dickerson
Stephanie Hall
Spalding Hurst
Kate Martin
Jean Merry
Cecilia Rupell
Philippa Turney
Annmarie Sanders, IHM, LCWR Liaison
Carol Schuck Scheiber, NRVC Liaison

CWR Staff
Nick Schafer, Executive Director
Susan Oxley, Coordinator