Celebrating Traditions, Changing the World: 

Catholic Sisters Week annually shines a light on the spirituality, mission, and community building of women religious. Learn more at catholicsistersweek.org.


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During the week of March 8-14

  • Let’s light up hope in our communities!
  • Let’s call attention to the new world that sisters call into being each and every day through service and ministry.
  • Let’s raise up the world with experiences and legacy stories of women religious.
  • Let’s recall memories that bring joy to alumni formed by sisters.
  • Let’s highlight women who are choosing a vocation to religious life today!

Who makes Catholic Sisters Week happen?

There is a role for everyone in Catholic Sisters Week! We encourage women religious communities and congregations and those connected with them:

  • associates, oblates, third orders, agrégées
  • donors, benefactors, and other collaborators
  • friends and family members
  • parishioners, clients, students, and alumnae
  • Nuns & Nones groups, spirituality seekers
  • and anyone who longs to be light, build community and love fearlessly

Join us March 8-14. Plan an event or campaign (on site or online) or attend an in-person event in your area or a virtual event anywhere! You can also join Catholic Sisters Week social media campaign: Let sisters know how they have impacted you by sharing a shout-out picture, sign, or video.

Use these hashtags in your social media posts: #CatholicSistersWeek #CelebratingTraditions #ChangingtheWorld and, if your Catholic Sisters Week event or action focuses on care for Earth, add these: #CaringforEarth #CaringforYou