Chicago area CWR members met this month at Catholic Theological Union to discuss how communicators from the region can best support one another, opportunities for collaboration, potential educational initiatives and how the group might organize.

“The meeting was really energizing,” said Giving Voice Communications Coordinator Sophie Vodvarka. “I am an office of one, so it was great to connect with other Chicago communicators who work with sisters. It will be interesting to see which direction this group goes in the future because there were a lot of innovative ideas discussed. I’m looking forward to our next meeting.”

With the group having agreed to gather quarterly at rotating area sites, the next meeting is slated for late May. Sophie was joined at March’s initial gathering by CWR members Jeanne Connolly, Daina Cyvas, Emily Espana, Ryan Hoffman, Sister Beth Murphy, Siobhan O’Neill Meluso, Sister Angela Szczawinska and Tammy Townsend Denny. CWR staff members Michelle Izguerra, Brian Lavelle and Nick Schafer were also in attendance.