"My CWR colleagues "get it" - in fact, they live it! We work toward a common goal: advancing the mission of women religious. There is true wisdom to be found in such a group!"

Conference 2020

Join CWR for Conference 2020: Perfect Vision for the Future Mission from September 29 through October 2.


Everyone using their voice to share the mission of women religious is welcome – communicators, leaders, development, justice, vocations and ministry leaders. A prestigious array of speakers will lead us into an expanded schedule of topics and conversations that move our mission forward amidst a transforming landscape.

Teresa Maya, CCVI, will deliver the conference keynote presentation (“Mission Forward: How Is the Pandemic Challenging Us?”), addressing topics vital to CWR members:

Religious life near the end of an epoch raises questions about how the mission of Catholic sisters will continue to be put into action in the near and distant future. Then a pandemic and global depression arrived. How can we have perfect vision for the future mission when uncertainty abounds? Our challenges reveal new questions, answers and hope.

Sr. Teresa’s talk highlights CWR’s efforts to provide content responsive to the needs of members in the times we live in through our conference programming.



Q: Is the conference going to take place?
A: CWR plans to hold the conference as scheduled. As we are all aware, planning large events right now involves some degree of uncertainty because of COVID-19. The health and safety of CWR members is our primary concern, and should it prove necessary to alter plans for Conference 2020, CWR will act in accordance with policies and directives provided by health and government authorities in order to safeguard the well-being of its members. If plans need to change, we will communicate with all registrants as soon as possible. 

Q: Will the hotel refund my reservation if the conference is not held or if we are still in shelter-in-place or lock-down mode?
A: The hotel’s policy is to refund reservations in full if cancelled within 7 days of the conference. We expect to know well in advance of mid-September if the conference will proceed according to plan, and we will keep you informed. 

Q: Will CWR refund my registration fees if the conference is cancelled or if our state is still in shelter-in-place or lock-down mode?  
A:  If the conference is canceled, all registration fees will automatically be rolled forward to apply to the 2021 conference. If you would prefer to receive a refund, you may request one by emailing Michelle Izguerra at mizguerra@c4wr.org. We need to charge a processing fee for refunds of credit card transactions. 

Q: Will the airlines refund my ticket if the conference is not held or if we are still in shelter-in-place or lock-down mode?
A: Each individual is responsible for making their own airline arrangements. Therefore, it is imperative that you ask for the airline’s policies in advance of booking, so you fully understand the rules.