20 years: Sister Lorraine Wesolowski, OSF

The following were recognized with pins for years of membership during the gala luncheon Oct. 2 at CWR’s 20th annual conference in Long Beach, California.

  • 20 Years: Sister Lorraine Wesolowski, OSF, founding member of CWR
  • 15 Years: Linda Macdonald
  • 10 Years: Teri Bockstahler, Julie Gilberto-Brady, Suzanne Petrouski, Grace Skalski
  • 5 Years: Sandy Goetzinger-Comer, Myra Joines, Beth Kennedy, Sister Mary Francis Lewandowski, CSSF; Lucy Sanchez, Jean Schildz, Paula Schultz, Sister Anne Stevenson, SNDdeN; Dale Thomas, Sister Connie Tomyl, CSSF; Susan Whelan, Katie Zeller

Outgoing board members Debbi Della Porta and Sister Barbara Mullen, CSJ, were also recognized for their service.


15 years: Linda Macdonald


5 years (from left): Myra Joines, Lucy Sanchez, Paula Schultz, Mary Francis Lewandowski, CSSF; Connie Tomyl, CSSF


10 years (from left): Teri Bockstahler, Grace Skalski, Suzanne Petrouski, Julie Gilberto-Brady