Communicators for Women Religious is starting 2015 with some exciting news. CWR has been awarded a $70,000 grant from the Conrad Hilton Foundation! As you recall, during the business meeting at the conference in Long Beach, we announced that we were applying for this grant, which would enable us to conduct an extensive evaluation of the organization and identify where capacity building would be effective. Our goal is to develop a strategic direction to grow the organization and its impact. We are beginning to move forward immediately. The CWR Exec Team has appointed an ad hoc committee, with Julie Gilberto-Brady as chair, assisted by Sister Barbara Mullen and Susan Oxley, to oversee implementation of the grant. They already have sent out requests for proposals for consultants. Research and planning will be an important part of the board of directors’ in-person meeting in February. We will continue to keep you informed and included in our work as we move forward. Read full text of news_release.