By Tammy Townsend Denny and Russ Mancl
Co-Chairs, CWR Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has been busy looking at ways to continue outreach to members. Through the Ambassador Program our committee has welcomed members by contacting them either by phone or email. At our June meeting we discussed welcoming members via listserv. Although it serves as a means to reach membership, it was suggested that Facebook might be a better option in welcoming new members, giving all CWR members an opportunity to connect. CWR communication and membership manager Brian Lavelle will also ask for bio and headshot (logos may be used for those who do not wish to have their photo used) in the welcome letter sent to new members. Ambassadors will follow up with those new members who have not submitted the short bio and picture. Once a month, a welcome to new members will be posted on Facebook, along with new member capsule bios.

We also asked Brian to share the option of receiving listserv posts in a grouping once per day vs. every time a person sends the post. Not all members know that the listserv digest option is available.

Our committee is also working on the new member orientation for the upcoming conference. Two of our newest members, Siobhan O’ Neil Meluso and Deena Swank will work together to create FAQs for new attendees that will be posted on the CWR website. We will be working on information for conference attendees on what to bring to conference and how to network at the conference.

If you have any suggestions for the Membership Committee, please share them with our committee members. Special thanks to our committee members: Lucy Sanchez; Mary Lou Simcoe, SUSC; Tammy Townsend Denny; Deena Swank; Russ Mancl; and Siobhan O’ Neill Meluso. In addition, please keep an eye out for a CWR membership survey that will soon be distributed and take the time to respond to it.