Dear CWR Friends:

In the interest of keeping you informed, the Communicators for Women Religious Board of Directors shares highlights of our monthly meetings. The Board met via videoconference on Tuesday, June 19, 2016.

Kate Martin opened the meeting, sharing a prayer with the members.

Minutes of the June Board meeting were approved.

Board Chair Eileen Dickerson informed the Board that Jennifer Kaminski will not be serving a second term and will be leaving the Board at the end of the year. Jennifer has been the hard-working Co-Chair of the Marketing Committee and a quiet, creative presence on the Board. She will be missed by Board members but will continue to serve CWR in other ways.

Eileen then reviewed the CWR by-laws regarding governance and Board composition. One of the strategies of the member-approved strategic plan is to add non-members to the Board, in order to bring in expertise to assist in advancing the organizational mission and facilitating the strategic plan.

Eileen told the Board that the Executive Team is suggesting that one Associate CWR member and one non-member be added to the Board in 2017. By bringing an Associate member onto the Board, Associate members will have a stronger voice in the organization. In order to accomplish this change in Board composition, by-laws pertaining to governance will have to be revised and approved by the members at the Conference. Eileen is working on the revisions, with input from the board and staff.

Executive Director Nick Schafer submitted a written report and informed the Board of his and Coordinator Susan Oxley’s continuing efforts to get the CWR international headquarters office up and running smoothly at the CTU building in Chicago.

Nick is reaching out to possible collaborators, participating in committee meetings and will be attending the LCWR Assembly, the J.S. Paluch Vocation Seminar, the NRVC Convocation, the Catholic Volunteer Network National Conference and other gatherings.

Nick said that he and Susan are exploring opportunities for enhancing resources and training and educational opportunities for members.

Nick, the proud father of Mary Lillian (born just two weeks ago), has taken some time away from the office to be with his wife and children.

Coordinator Susan Oxley reported that registration for Conference 2016 in Indianapolis continues to grow at a steady pace.

Treasurer Sister Beth Kress, PBVM, shared the balances of bank accounts as of July 19, 2016.

As Finance Committee Chair, Sister Beth reported that, in accordance with the strategic plan, going forward, the Finance Committee will collaborate with the Executive Director on financial concerns, continue to exercise oversight of CWR finances and will review and recommend to the Board the annual budget prepared by the Executive Director.

MarComm (Marketing/Communications) Co-Chair Jennifer Kaminski reported that, in August, the committee will send out a press release about the Conference to media in the Indianapolis area and will begin promoting the one-day commuter option in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. They are discussing a possible promotional video for the Conference.

Membership Committee Chair Sarah Jenkins and her committee members will meet later in the week.

Conference 2016 Committee Chair Kathy Gatliff and her committee members are finalizing details for our October Conference. Kathy shared a fun fact with the Board: Indianapolis was ranked the #1 convention city in the US by USA Today. Watch the listserv for more details and follow CWR on Facebook!

Conference 2017 Committee Chair Dave Eck asked for and received approval of the committee’s chosen theme: “One Voice: Charged by the Current.” Dave discussed possible presenters with the Board and said that international unity and the Niagara Falls location will be motifs in the Conference.

Development Committee Chair Kate Martin reported that her committee has obtained two sponsors, one donor, six exhibitors, one virtual exhibitor, one welcome bag insert and four Ministry Marketplace participants for Conference 2016. Kate and her committee are following up with other organizations for sponsorship and exhibiting.

The Board asks CWR members to please submit ideas for sponsors and exhibitors to Kate:

Next Board meeting: Videoconference, Tuesday, August 16, 2016, EST

Enjoy the Summer!

CWR Board of Directors
Eileen Dickerson, Chair
Sister Angela Szczawinska, CSFN, Vice Chair
Sister Beth Kress, PBVM, Treasurer
Rochelle Cassella
Dave Eck
Kathy Gatliff
Stephanie Hall
Sarah Jenkins
Jennifer Kaminski
Kate Martin
Jean Merry

“The benefits you receive as a member of CWR are made possible by an ALL VOLUNTEER Board. CWR can thrive and grow as long as our members volunteer their gifts through Board service.”