The CWR Board of Directors met via videoconference on Thursday, June 11. In the interest of keeping members informed, we present highlights from that meeting:

Joanne Gallagher, CSJ, led the opening prayer.

The Board ratified between meetings votes to approve the new CWR Executive Director job description; an additional revenue option in the form of CWR newsletter sponsorship; and an addendum to the Letter of Agreement for the CWR Interim Executive Director.

Board Chair Cecilia Rupell reported that the search for a new CWR Executive Director has been narrowed to four candidates.

The Board accepted a proposal to present four changes to the CWR Bylaws to membership for an approval vote: revised language that explicitly identifies CWR individual members as the organization’s voting body; inclusion of conditions for replacement of Board members who resign prior to completion of their terms; the addition to the Board of the position of Immediate Past Chair; and a revision of the title of Secretary to Corporate Secretary. The Board also approved six updates to CWR’s Policies and Procedures.

Interim Executive Director Kathy Gatliff informed the Board that CWR’S Conrad N. Hilton Foundation phase II grant disbursement was received June 2. Kathy also noted that CWR must now create and submit a report on its Hilton Foundation phase I grant to the foundation.

Treasurer Jean Merry reported that the CWR Finance Committee will begin the 2021 budgeting process in August and will then distribute budget parameters to individual committees.

The Board reviewed and revised the 2020 CWR Member Satisfaction Survey, which will be distributed to membership this month. CWR annually surveys its members in order to comply with the terms of its Hilton Foundation Phase II grant and its strategic plan for 2020 through 2022.

CWR Marketing Committee Chair Spalding Hurst noted the approaching (June 30) deadline for CWR member awards program submissions and outlined plans for the awards presentation to be held during the annual business meeting at this fall’s CWR conference.

Jennifer Brandlon informed the Board of the Education Committee’s efforts in developing webinars and other educational content for the remainder of 2020.

The Board will next meet July 9 via videoconference.

CWR 2020 Board of Directors
Cecilia Rupell, Chair
Jane Strittmatter, Vice Chair
Jean Merry, Treasurer
Kim Westerman, Secretary
Jennifer Brandlon
Tricia Buxton
Robert Cogswell
Tammy Townsend Denny
Joanne Gallagher, CSJ
Spalding Hurst
Maxine Kollasch, IHM
Patricia Lenihan, RSC
Stephanie Manseau
Linda Romey, OSB

CWR Staff
Kathy Gatliff, Interim Executive Director
Michelle Izguerra, Business Operations Manager
Brian Lavelle, Communication & Membership Manager