By Tammy Townsend Denny
Chair, CWR Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is happy to report that we have added to the programs already in place to welcome new members to CWR. New members now receive a packet via mail that includes information regarding programs and benefits offered by CWR along with CWR 25th anniversary conference materials and pamphlets detailing best practices for collaboration with congregational colleagues. This packet has been added to the welcome initiatives outlined in last month’s newsletter, which include the member ambassador program and, beginning in August, a monthly Facebook welcome to new members.

While strengthening outreach to new members has been a focus, it is far from only area of concentration for the committee. We are committed to working to improve the membership experience of all members. The membership survey that so many of you took the time to respond to earlier this month is just one tool that will inform our efforts in this area. We are grateful for both the quantity and quality of responses we received. We look forward to using that feedback to inform our efforts in the weeks and months to come. Those efforts will include the development of resources of particular value to mid-career members and those members who have voiced a desire for advanced practice resources. In addition, we will continue our outreach to those groups. I would again this month like to thank our committee members for all of their efforts: Lucy Sanchez; Mary Lou Simcoe, SUSC; Deena Swank; and Siobhan O’ Neill Meluso.